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Our Unique Hybrid Model

hy-brid noun (1) a thing made by combining mixed elements; (2) creation of something new from two different varieties...

Cottonwood Creek Charter School is a 'Hybrid' Educational Model that seeks to provide a "best of both worlds" approach - combining site-based classes with homeschool. Combining site-based classes with homeschool allows for an increased level of partnership between families and school staff as they work together to deliver the educational program. Combining site-based classes with homeschool also allows Cottonwood Creek the ability to offer a wide variety of music, technology, and enrichment classes in the afternoons.

Our Motto

"Working Together with Families"

Our Vision

Our vision is for the students of Cottonwood Creek to become well-rounded participants in their community today as well as in the future. We will use a blended learning model that combines both site based classes and personalized learning to develop an individualized program of study for every student, melding "hands-on" educational opportunities through technological resources, educational field trips, local experts and a dedicated, committed staff of talented teachers and parents. 

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