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Who We Are

Cottonwood Creek Charter School is located in the historic town of Cottonwood in northern California. Cottonwood Creek Charter School is sponsored by the Cottonwood School District and offers a quality, tuition free education to K-8 students. Our family-friendly school schedules are independent study based. This allows parents to have the option of homeschooling their students or sending them to our site based classrooms for a more traditional classroom education. This model ensures that each student, whether home schooled or attending site classes, receives a personalized learning plan that focuses on his/her educational strengths and needs. Our site based classes are small (maximum of 24 students per class) to optimize learning and teacher/student interaction. Our site classes are held Monday - Thursday from 8:15 am - 1:30 pm.  From 1:35 pm - 2:30 pm, students have the option to select electives in music, art, sports, science, ceramics, sewing, drama, technology and study hall. Fridays are reserved for field trips. Field trip days provide educational and hands-on learning in nature and the community. Our field trips have included: skiing, ice skating, hiking, tours of Shasta Dam tour and Coleman Fish Hatchery, and local plays. 

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