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Application Process

Cottonwood Creek Charter School is a kindergarten – 8th grade public school chartered by the Cottonwood Union School District.  To be eligible to enroll, students must live in Shasta County or a county adjacent to Shasta County.  We offer two educational options: The Site Class program and the Homeschool program.  As per our School Board policy, our site class program has one class per grade level and each class is limited to a maximum of 24 students.  All current students retain their placement at the school in their current program option. 

Our Open Enrollment period is held during the months of March and April prior to the new school year that begins in August of that year.  All Applications for Admittance received during these two months will participate in our Public Lottery held in May.  Each applicant is assigned a number and the applicants position on the Wait List is determined by the draw order, by grade level, at the Public Lottery.  Priority at the Public Lottery will be given to a sibling of a current Cottonwood Creek Charter School student. In addition, the sibling application must be for the same program option as the current student to receive priority.  All admissions are based upon availability of openings within the grade and program option selected.   The Wait List and applications are good for one school year only and applications must be resubmitted each year.  Applications are accepted throughout the school year but those students will be placed on the Wait List after the students who participated in the Public Lottery. Please review our School Immunization Requirements document to make sure you are aware of the California School Immunization requirements. 

Application for Admittance Form

Please email the completed application form to Roxanne Woods at 

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